Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Nathan is a human being exploring his potential in this world and figuring things out one day at a time like everyone else

A New Beginning

Now is the time
To rise
To understand
To be me
To appreciate life
To connect with women
To connect with men
To connect with myself
To be intimate
To speak truth
To be humble
To be bold
To be myself
To be loud
To be reverent
To do my work each day
Knowing where I'm going
Loving where I'm at
Excited for what the future holds
And at peace with the present moment

No more wanting
No more wishing
No more waiting
Ever evolving consciousness is calling me
To rise up
Into my truest self
And not in any esoteric sense of the phrase
Into some real shit
The real me
All the elements I have discovered
Put together
Into a magnificent masterpiece
And always discovering more

The end of undesirable challenges
The end of suffering as I know it
The end of suffering as we know it
We're still a ways off
But the trajectory is on point
And I'm part of the new wave
Of world thinkers
Who are doing things a new way
And it's time for us all to rise
Rise into a new place
Not letting perceived limitations get us down

Thinking of new ways to innovate
Thinking of new ways to do life how we desire
Thinking of new ways to "kill it" by killing that which
Does not serve
Does not heal
Does not appreciate
Does not sustain
Does not support
Does not enlighten
Does not enliven
I seek enlivenment
Not perfection
For I am already perfect as I am now

There is no more to gain
No more to become
Other than that which I already am at my core
At least
That's as best I know now
But I'm always changing
Always evolving
Into ever more wondrous forms

I'm Sorry.

On The Rise